Washed Potatoes

Washed Potato Sorting & Peeling Solutions

For over 30 years Odenberg have been market leaders in potato peeling & potato sorting solutions improving the profitability of our customers. We offer high performance, superbly designed strong, robust and reliable potato sorter and potato peeler equipment which give fresh and process potato customers the flexibility and control required in today’s demanding markets. We have hundreds of potato sorting and potato peeling applications across the world in field, washed and processed and on all varieties and sizes. From salad, creamer or baby potatoes, to russet potato sorter, jumbo and large potatoes, to seed potato sorters we sort and peel them all. Odenberg has the experience, reputation and references.

Halo Sorter
High Performance Size,
Shape & FM Sort
Titan Sorter
High Quality & FM sort
Sentinel Sorter
Defect & FM sort
Genius™, optical sorter Ixus™ Bulk, x-ray sorter  


Together with BEST, ODENBERG offers sorting solutions for the potato industry. For more information on the BEST solutions, please also visit: www.bestsorting.com

Potato Sorters & Graders

As one of the world’s leading potato sorting / grading companies, our optical potato sorters and electronic graders are renowned for their reliability, automating the manual sort/grade ensuring the quality, safety and efficiency demands of growers, packers and processors.

Grower Potato Sorting Solutions

For the farmer or grower we have solutions to grade into and out of store, whether fixed or mobile.

Packer Potato Sorting Solutions

We offer a range of electronic sorting to satisfy both your and your customers’s needs. For potatoes of all varieties; russet, white & yellow potatoes, reds and specialty, small / salad or baby potatoes to large jumbo or baker potatoes, we know potatoes and how to electronically grade. Sort by color, size, shape, defect, blemish, damage or foreign object whilst increasing reducing labour, improving yield, throughput & flexibility.

Processor Potato Peeling & Sorting Solutions

Processor solutions include both peeling and sorting. Our patented technologies and solutions are well proven, delivering daily performance to the most demanding customers who depend on Odenberg for their reputation; food safety and product quality and improving profitability. French Fry, Flake, Chip, snack and prepared potato sectors. Reliable and consistent.