Take control over natural fat variation



If you produce burgers, sausages, minced meat or other products based on ground meat, controlling fat content is key to running a profitable business. Adding protein and moisture analysis completes the picture.

Natural variation of fat content in meat trimmings is easily +/- 3 to 4%, sometimes more. Even with carcass classification and employees with long experience, large variations in fat levels for manufacturing meat is unavoidable.

The QVision 500 Analyzer’s unique transflection technology sets a new standard for in-line analysis. Fat, moisture, protein and color can be measured in parallel with outstanding accuracy.

Process Analytics

QVision 500 Analyzer
In-line analysis

The quality of measurement is driven by:

  • Penetration far into the food product
  • Measuring width of 500 mm
  • Automatic reference calibration

Features & Benefits

  • Fast payback
  • Low operating cost
  • Batch report included
  • Recipe integration
  • Prepared for process control
  • Easy to integrate to IT systems

Chilling & Freezing

Poultry, Pork, Beef, Food service products.
Odenberg has developed a unique system where multiple products with different cooling/freezing times can be handled at one time. Our system is designed to have the most efficient airflow possible. This gives major savings on the energy required to cool/freeze products. The unique patented Odenberg system offers customers a highly efficient cooling/freezing system which can be easily expanded to meet future production demands.

Pallet Link


Pallet link cooling, chilling, freezing & handling systems for packaged products

  • Controlled cooling curves
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced product moisture loss due to rapid freeze
  • Warehouse management, inventory control
  • Production buffering
  • Product sorting for shipping
  • Reduced labor
  • Energy efficient
  • Turnkey solution with material handling

Odenberg Strengths

  • High Capacity & Performance Design
  • High reliability and low cost of ownership
  • Turnkey Project Management – eliminating risk
  • Easy use – eliminating need for specialized training
  • Customer Focus, from design to global support

Odenberg Advantages

  • Rapid return on investment potential
  • Significant Labor reduction or elimination capacity
  • Consistent product quality under all conditions
  • Optimization of your line, improved yield, throughput, flexibility
  • Food Safety Assurance, Foreign Object Removal
  • Reliable, easy to use machines with low cost of ownership