Food Sorting Solutions

For more than 30 years ODENBERG’s focus has been the supply of high performance optical food sorting and grading solutions for growers, packers and processor of fruits and vegetables. We are a leading supplier of potato sorters, carrot sorters, tomato sorters and we provide solutions for a number of other applications such as oranges, peaches, pears, onions, green beans, beets, apricots and many more sorters and graders.

Optical Sorter Experts from Potato to Tomato Sorters

We have a proven record having delivered over 2,000 optical food sorters making Odenberg one of the worlds leading electronic optical sorting companies. Our patented technologies and solutions are well proven delivering daily performance to the most demanding customers who depend on Odenberg for their reputation, food safety and product quality.

Optical Sorter Range

Halo Sorter
Sensor Based Optical Sorting
Titan II Optical Sorter
High Quality & FM sort
Sentinel Optical Sorter
Defect & FM sort
FPS Sorter
Optical Sorting
Zea Sorter
Sensor Based Optical Sorting
NFM Field Optical Sorter
Harvester Mounted
Alpha Optical Sorter
Defect & FM sort
Iris Optical Sorter
Dice & Small products
eClipse Optical Sorter
Internal defects – small products
Peel Scanner2 ,
Peel & Defect Monitoring

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Sort Ability

Whatever the application ODENBERG has a food sorter to give you control to grade on size, shape, color, defect, damage, blemish and importantly protect against foreign objects in the product stream.

Odenberg Strengths

  • Hundreds of installations
  • Leaders in low yield loss process solutions.
  • High reliability equipment under the harshest environments
  • Robust, durable, low maintenance Sorters eliminating need for specialized training
  • Customer focus, from design to global support

Odenberg Advantages

  • Rapid return on investment potential
  • Significant Labor reduction or elimination capacity
  • Consistent product quality under all conditions
  • Optimization of your line, improved yield, throughput, flexibility
  • Food Safety Assurance, Foreign Object Removal
  • Reliable, easy to use machines with low cost of ownership